About my design
I always feel, designing is a part of me and I like to create an art form which has something to say. I like to talk, convey messages, make changes and suggest solutions to problems. I love and enjoy being a designer because graphic design is a practical art form which all of this job comes with innovative and visionary concepts. My method of creating new graphics starts with talking with client to get a better understanding of their expectation from the project, and after a little research and getting general information about the subject, I discuss my ideas with client to get their ideas in the right direction and finalize the design scheme which leads to positive relationship between me and the client and most importantly creating more beneficial design. I believe the good design would not come out of designing only in front of a computer so I always start my work on paper and try to keep my sketchbook with myself whenever I go to draw and write down my new ideas and develop them into more details and deep ideas in future or to take a look at them when I am on lack of idea and inspiration. I try to create fresh and innovative designs through brainstorming techniques and I strive to create artworks which avoid clich├ęs and common ideas. I use geometric elements, motives and symbols in my art work and I am also looking forward to using photography, illustration and modern painting style in relevant projects to create more diverse design. I have paid attention to using color and typography methods to blend typeface and image into one seamless composition and create a more powerful and stronger design. Since we live in Technology era, Multimedia and web designing is really a matter to me. Finally I think a good design will illustrate the subject and the purpose of project through little effort and at the first glance and also gives an audience a clear reflection about the culture, custom, value and belief of that nation.

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